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5 Tips For Being More Comfortable When Getting A Mammogram

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One of the most important medical tests you will take if you're a woman is a mammography. This will allow any cancerous cells to be found in your breast. Studies indicate that you should start getting this test done annually by the age of 40 for optimal results. You can typically get a mammogram at a hospital or clinic. However, it's ideal to know some tips beforehand that can help you have less discomfort when getting this testing completed.

Tip #1: Avoid caffeine

If you drink a lot of coffee or other beverages that may have huge amounts of caffeine in these, you may want to cut back a few days before you scheduled a mammogram. Caffeine may cause your breasts to be more tender, and this could contribute to having more pain when getting this testing completed.

Tip #2: Take an OTC pain reliever

One way to reduce any discomfort you may feel when getting a mammogram is by taking an over-the-counter pain pill. There are various ones that are inexpensive and can contribute to reducing any amount of pain that you may have when getting a mammogram.

Be sure to take ibuprofen an hour or so before your scheduled appointment to assist you in feeling your best.

Tip #3: Take deep breaths

When you are having each breast x-rayed, you may feel a bit of a discomfort for only a few minutes. This is the time to take long, deep breaths that will help you feel more relaxed and will work to ease your anxiety in the process. 

The more relaxed you are when getting this done, the less pain you will experience. This is one of the simplest ways to make a mammography less uncomfortable, but also difficult for many people to do.

Tip #4: Schedule it right

If you haven't gone through menopause and are still having a monthly period, scheduling your test at the ideal time can assist in making it more pleasant. Most experts agree that you should have a mammogram done two weeks after you menstrual cycle. This is when your breasts will have the least amount of tenderness, and you may not experience any discomfort or soreness afterwards either.

Being able to have this test completed is important for all women. It's the number one way to detect the earliest stages of breast cancer and work to get the treatment you need. Be sure to schedule your appointment today with a medical provider in you area.